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SYSPRO 7 Sunset - What This Means for Your Business

Technology is constantly changing and as businesses try to stay competitive, their requirements change. This includes what they need from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Let’s have a look at the SYSPRO 7 sunset and what that means for businesses using a legacy version of SYSPRO.

The Sunset Decision

The natural life cycle of any technology is to keep improving and letting go of legacy features and functionality. Older technology is susceptible to several pitfalls including security, compatibility and user acceptance. In fall 2022, SYSPRO announced the sunset of SYSPRO version 7 in July 2023, which means they will no longer provide software updates or support. The reason is that older software creates a drain on support and development efforts for the new version and new features that SYSPRO is working on.

SYSPRO 7 Sunset - What That Means for Your Business | Umbrella Consulting
Modern technology ensures better security, compatibility and support.

Impact on Businesses

Security Concerns: As SYSPRO 7 uses older technology, it is left open to potential malicious access as security updates will cease. Once a vulnerability is discovered, it will be public knowledge. Cybercriminals often target outdated software as it lacks the latest defenses against emerging threats.

New Technologies: Embracing change can be daunting but it also opens doors to enhanced productivity and greater efficiency. Migrating to newer ERP solutions allows you to leverage the latest technologies such as cloud computing, AI-driven analytics and automation to gain a competitive edge.

Scalability: Running legacy software also hinders a business’ ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances, like the 2020 global pandemic, or supporting evolving needs and demands. Without critical software updates, integration with third party applications or SYSPRO ISV partners will be impossible, limiting your company’s growth.

Data Migration: Migration from SYSPRO 7 to SYSPRO 8 is relatively painless. SYSPRO has made every effort to ensure the migration from SYSPRO 7 to SYSPRO 8 is fully automated and can be run over the course of a day without any issues.

Umbrella Consulting | Authentic Business Solutions | ERP Specialists & Business Management Consulting

What to do to Prepare

Collaborate with Experts: Umbrella Consulting can assist with a range of services from data migration to user acceptance and change management. Our team of consultants have a combined 70+ years of ERP experience and have backgrounds in finance, IT, engineering, business analysis and project management.

Training and Adoption: Training is essential to help manage user expectations. With proper training, users will be able to ease the adjustment period when transitioning from SYSPRO 7 to version 8.

Testing: Testing, testing, testing! Before doing any migration, users should have ample time to log in and test their normal routine in the new system, report any issues and retest the fixes. The success of an implementation has a direct relationship to the amount of testing that has been completed.

Eventually, all software will sunset, however upgrading to modern software solutions ensures that businesses can prepare and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and market demands. If your business isn’t ready to transition from SYSPRO 7 to SYSPRO 8, our consulting team can provide support services – but it’s important to keep in mind that upgrading to modern software will prevent your company from being vulnerable to security and operational risks.

Umbrella Consulting | Authentic Business Solutions | ERP Specialists & Business Management Consulting

About the Author

Jeremy Wright, Technical Director, has 10+ years of SYSPRO experience. He previously worked at a large SYSPRO client as their IT manager where he led a large upgrade project and implemented barcoding / scanning / bins and customizations to streamline their processes. Jeremy has a thorough knowledge of SYSPRO, both functional and technical, specializing in SQL, imports and customizations.


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