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Karen Chang, Founder and Managing Director Umbrella Consulting Vancouver


" I entered the ERP world by accident over 20 years ago when I graduated with my B.A. from the University of British Columbia and decided to look for a job in business. I started doing some bookkeeping for a client of a small consulting firm, and thus began my journey of learning about ERP systems. Since then, I have become passionate about helping companies maximize the use of their ERP systems to streamline business processes.

I started Umbrella Consulting because I genuinely love to help make people's work lives more efficient by simplifying and automating their business processes. But, I also want to debunk the belief that consulting is overrated. Consulting, authenticity and value CAN exist!"

Karen Chang, Founder and Managing Director of Umbrella Consulting


Besides our obvious cute factor, our team members are friendly and down-to-earth individuals who love doing what they do. Our consultants have diverse skills and backgrounds, who together as a team are a driving force behind all projects presented to us. If you're looking for an authentic experience with passionate people, please contact us today. We'd love to chat with you!


PS. We're not actually cats. But you probably knew that. Click a kitty to reveal our true identities!


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