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Product Launch: AnyView by Umbrella Consulting

December 8, 2022 | Umbrella Consulting announced the launch of an exciting new product called AnyView, developed by Senior Consultant, Jeremy Wright.

AnyView is a powerful data query tool that combines a user-friendly interface with complex queries to bring users fast, accurate insights and visibility. Unlike standard reporting software, AnyView allows you to update or add information within the interactive listview.

Watch the recording of the live Product Launch

Business Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how businesses can use AnyView as a complementary tool to your SYSPRO ERP system or any SQL-based system:

  • Purchasing Tool – Track outstanding purchase orders and maintain key dates

  • Shipping Schedule – Track sales orders and apply grouping for shipment

  • Quote Tracker – A CRM-like view of all open quotes

  • Collections Tool – A view of all outstanding invoices and the related customer info

  • Job Schedule – Track job dates and adjust them on the go

  • GL Query – Pull specific GL codes and view budgets/actual values side-by-side

  • Project Management – Group jobs without any additional software

Key Benefits

  • Select an assortment of data with minimal effort, simply by creating a SQL view and linking it to the AnyView software.

  • Real-Time Changes can be made to key data points on any document and/or range of documents without using a SYSPRO license

  • Mass Editing capability for quick and efficient modifications to your data in large batches

  • Accessibility – AnyView can be used from a computer without SYSPRO installed, allowing for easier deployment and enhanced security

  • View Data Quickly using the defined filters, sort criteria and compound sorting

  • Avoid Clutter in your SYSPRO screens by viewing comments and custom fields exclusively in AnyView

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About the Developer

Technical Director, Jeremy Wright, has over 8 years of SYSPRO experience. He previously worked at a large SYSPRO client as their IT manager where he led a large upgrade project and implemented barcoding / scanning / bins and customizations to streamline their processes. Jeremy has a thorough knowledge of SYSPRO, both functional and technical, specializing in SQL, imports and customizations.


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