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Umbrella Innovation: Automated Intercompany Workflow

We're currently working on what we think, is a really cool workflow project that automates intercompany transactions. This workflow automates the sourcing and manufacturing of an order between two separate SYSPRO companies on two separate servers! Not only will this result in a more efficient process between two companies but it also reduces human error, saves paper and utilizes innovative technology to securely manage orders.

Automated purchase order workflow_Umbrella Consulting


A sales order is auto-generated from an eCommerce order into the distribution company’s sales order system, and the purchase order to the manufacturing company is then automatically created. Subsequently, the sales order in the manufacturing company is also auto-created and when fulfilled, will automatically receive the PO in the distribution company, create the AP invoice with 3-way matching, and update the initial eCommerce sales order!

This workflow will save our client from hours of data entry and order processing time on a daily basis! At Umbrella Consulting, we pride ourselves in helping you to streamline and automate. It also makes us happy!


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