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Consultant Spotlight: Casey Callaghan

It's the home stretch for our Consultant Spotlight series with just a couple more team members left to showcase. This is Casey Callaghan, one of our Senior Consultants. With tact and consideration, Casey naturally puts in that extra effort to take care of customers. He’s friendly, approachable and highly motivated. Keep reading to learn a few interesting things about Casey!

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If you weren't a consultant, what job would you want to do? Bartender 🍻

What was your very first job? Worked for a moving company re-locating computers when they moved offices. Who would have figured that wouldn't be as much of a thing anymore! 🤷🏼

Do you have a hidden talent? I make a really good cherry cheesecake. 🍰

What new skill or hobby did you pick up during the pandemic lockdown? Travel hacking… Pandemic lockdown was a time of preparation for 2021 and beyond. Life goal is to never fly economy again - I'm close.

What do you wish you knew more about? Electrical. I'm so used to plugging things in and expecting them to work. 🔌

Building IKEA furniture - torture or enjoyable?! Love it - provided everything's in the box and goes together easily (which we know never happens).

If you could go back in time, which class in high school do you wish you paid more attention in? Cooking What's the most memorable place you've travelled to? Sunrise at Cape Spear in Newfoundland. Easternmost point in North America.

What's your best childhood memory? We spent Halloween up in Haines Junction in the Yukon as a child where it would be -20C. I went to school up there as well and Halloween costumes had to be large enough to fit winter jackets underneath. 🥶🎃

Do you have an irrational fear? Being late or behind schedule, especially when it's outside of my control. I like to be organized and on track.

What's your ideal way to start the day? Doing something before work if timing permits. It goes to show how much time there actually is in a day and getting something in beforehand makes all the difference (whether that be a nap or a walk or otherwise).

What's the best part about working from home? Having the fridge and full kitchen available for meals throughout the day. Packing a lunch in comparison just doesn't do lunch justice. 🥪

What's your favourite part of the ERP implementation process? Learning about the business themselves and what they actually do. A large amount of work is behind screens where there's so much more happening in the ‘real world’.

What is the most interesting business you've worked with as a consultant? A board game and puzzle manufacturer. Who knew games could be fun? 🧩

What is something you enjoy about working with the Umbrella Consulting team? The positive attitude and team approach with working on helping our customers. Everyone helps out! 🙌🏼


Join our conversation on Linkedin! Hope you learned a few interesting things about Casey, like our team did!

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